Social and Economic Development

We started this business in August 2018 with the goal of supporting our home community of Inuvik through economic development and community wellness initiatives. We want to make a positive impact on others while working on what we love.

As young professionals and newcomers to the Northwest Territories, we had, and continue to have, lots of questions about why things are the way they are here in the North. In our experience, learning happens best when we can play a supporting role in projects that are developed by those who are most familiar with most. That’s why we want to offer our assistance to help small organizations achieve their social goals. 

Let’s Build a Community

The North is renowned as a friendly and welcoming place, full of generous people eager to share their experiences with others. 

But in such a vast geographical space, isolation and loneliness is also a common feeling. We all want safety and support from the people around us, and it’s been well demonstrated that strong communities lead to healthier individuals.

We believe in community building through inclusive, innovative projects that use the gifts and contributions of everyone involved. Our job is to welcome disruptive ideas and apply our skills to ideas that improve people’s quality of life. 

Enterprise With A Social Purpose

Gallworks functions as a social enterprise business. Our main purpose is to improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our community. We work hard to generate revenue that is reinvested in the business, rather than delivering profits to shareholders and owners.

Being a social enterprise business sets Gallworks apart. We are currently pursuing a B Corporation Certification, and we strive to constantly improve through learning opportunities like the Social Enterprise Institute and Futurpreneur.

Your Voice Matters

If you’re interested in opportunities to become involved with Gallworks and/or the projects we support, please send us an email at info@gallworks.ca.

We strive to provide meaningful employment opportunities because everyone deserves to live happily from the good work they do.